Lawn needs some attention

My lawn is making me sad.

After last week’s rain, I was hoping that the big bare spot in our back yard would be greening up. Destroyed by last summer’s heat and drought, this patch didn’t fare as well from winter to spring as I had hoped.

I thought maybe the lawn would forget all about August’s troubles and miraculously grow back into a lush green patch. But, alas, that has not happened.

Instead, we have a patch of dirt.

The boys and I were playing bocce ball in the yard, and I couldn’t bare (pun intended!) to hang out in our dirt pile. 

The bad thing, too, is that it is the part of the lawn we look at directly from our patio. And seeing it in such a poor and pathetic state brings me down.

So we are adding reseeding that portion of the lawn to our immediate list of things to do. We need a lawn that not only looks good but is playable for the kids. And the sooner the better.

After all, come Memorial Day weekend, I want to be enjoying the patio in every way.

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