Kids getting into the gift-buying act, too

This year for the first time the kids are going to be buying gifts for one another.

Up until now I’ve kind of shied away from encouraging it, mostly because it is one less thing to have to do and the kids don’t need more gifts. But this year they are all earning allowance and saving money, and I think it would be a good thing for them to get into the spirit of thinking of others and the idea that giving is better than receiving.

Plus, they want to do it.

During a shopping excursion last weekend, Ben spent some of his Scheels gift card on an Under Armour sports headband for Grace. She got one from a friend this summer and she has worn it so much the colors have faded. As soon as he saw it, he knew he wanted to get it for her. The new one has colors she loves, and it’s a gift she will appreciate.

During a recent breakfast at home, they were asking about when they can go out shopping for their gifts for each other. They have some ideas and are eager to get shopping.

Let’s go!

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