Just like yesterday: Seeing old friends again

The great thing about getting together with old (not old in age but old in length of friendship, of course!) friends is that the conversation feels like it picks up right where it left off and it doesn’t seem as long as it has been since the last gathering.

Every spring my college friends and I get together for a day or weekend of shopping and catching up, and this past weekend five of us gathered in Madison for the day.

It’s a day of laughter, of shopping for ourselves rather than the kids and of sharing stories. Because we are all on Facebook, we’re still in touch daily, but this is our annual time to really see each other and to talk.

It’s always great to hear how everyone’s husbands and kids are doing, but it’s also fun to see how much we all still have in common after all these years and how everyone is managing busy lifestyles, parenthood, careers, challenges and changes. 

As always, the time goes by so quickly, we have much more to say than the time allows, and we return home refreshed by our time away with friends.

And it feels like we’re in college once again!

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