It’s tempting shopping time

I rarely ever make weeknight trips to the mall.

After working all day, it’s usually the last place I want to be. And with kids to run to their various events, there’s not time.

But last night I was determined to make a quick run to Younkers (Clinique Bonus Time started yesterday for all of you fans) and the JCPenney hair salon to replenish our supplies.

I did just that and stocked up on most of what I needed. But I found myself easily distracted as I made my way through only a portion of the mall.

There’s nothing like a good sale to get you in the shopping mood.

I wanted to stop to try on name-brand shoes and boots that were 50 percent off their clearance prices. They had cute scarves and gloves discounted plus sweaters and warm-weather gear. I saw sales signs in the windows of the stores I passed, and I was tempted to visit Yankee Candle to see if they had any remaining Christmas or winter scents on sale.

It’s a good thing I only had 30 minutes. I could have spent all night shopping.


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