House is always a work in progress

Homes show their age quickly.

We did endless interior work to our house when we bought it in 2003, and already I’m thinking some of it is ready for an update. Who isn’t ready for a makeover after¬† 10 years?

We recarpeted the entire house, put in new flooring in the bathrooms along with new toilets and sinks, repainted nearly every room and removed the deck and replaced it with a stone patio.

Now, I’m wishing we would have put tile in the bathrooms instead of linoleum, and some of the rooms are ready for coats of paint once again.

It always seems that just as soon as you are happy with one part of your house, you are unhappy with another.

Most recently we re-did Grace’s bedroom, complete with new wall color and decorations, but I’m looking around the house and beginning to wonder where we should focus our energy next.

I have a running mental list of what I’d like to do with our house if money weren’t an issue. I’d love for new cabinets and hardware¬†in the kitchen along with a new table, granite countertop and stainless steel appliances. Some of the carpet is starting to show its age, and we need to be ready to buy a new furnace at any time. (That’s not as fun though.)

I realize that the interior is the focus of my energy now because of being stuck indoors so much. But come April, I’ll be taking another look at the cracks in our driveway, the unevenness of our grass and whether it’s worth keeping our swing set another year.

It never ends.


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