Holidays already are tasting oh, so good

Now that the holidays have hit the retail stores, the grocery stores have done the same.

Faster than you can say “trick-or-treat,” all of those bags of Halloween candy were replaced with peppermint candy canes, marshmallow Santas and red and green gumdrops.

I have to admit I’m a bit of a sucker for a lot of the holiday food. I’ve already bought those mint tree-shaped ice cream treats for the kids, I promised I’d get eggnog this weekend, and I’m holding out as long as possible for the Tom and Jerry mix I love so much. Too much.

The peppermint-flavored aerosol whipped topping I just bought is going to make hot chocolate that much merrier.

Now I’m on the hunt for tubs of candied fruit mix for my dad’s recipe for Julekage. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without our favorite Scandinavian holiday bread.

Years and years ago my dad would bake a couple of loaves of Julekage for our family’s Christmas breakfast. I have since taken over the tradition and now make about eight loaves of it each November, keeping a few for my five and passing the rest to my father as part of his birthday gift. He saves some for Dec. 25 and eats the rest.

I look forward to the smell of cardamon taking over my kitchen each November. How sweet it is.

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