Help for Mother’s Day

After some inner debate, I have decided against giving my mom a wrapped Mother’s Day gift this year. I’ve always done so in the past, but I’m going with the present of presence instead.

We’re planning on having our traditional brunch again on Sunday and heading to watch the last day of Ben’s soccer tournament. In addition to spending time together, I’m thinking that we will give her a gift for the future: a container of freshly picked strawberries once they are in season. The kids and I go picking every year, and while my mom enjoys the fresh berries, she doesn’t enjoy picking them any more.

Over the years I’ve given her flowers, yard decorations and tea. But this year I wanted to do something that was different and that didn’t involve going to a store and picking up something I thought was cute. I finally landed on the idea of strawberries. It would be something I would be happy to receive.

All of this thinking over the right thing to do and to get got me thinking about myself and what moms really want for Mother’s Day.

I saw a post on Facebook earlier this week that for one friend’s Mother’s Day, she is receiving a mulch delivery and family to help her spread it. That’s a great gift idea, and one I would appreciate, especially since I have that same job of mulching coming up in my near future. I wouldn’t mind a helpful hand when I go to the garden shop to pick out my flowers either or help planting them when I get them home.

A homecooked meal that I didn’t have to plan for and shop for would be delicious. Or a picnic (one I didn’t have to pack) in the park with the family on a rare free night.

I enjoy reading and would love to have an e-reader at my fingertips. That way, I easily can find the title I want and can save myself the time of shopping for my book or heading to the library. A good book never would be far from reach.

I’d love a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and an hour to myself to sit outside on the patio enjoying nothing but the sun on my face and my drink.

A gift card for a pedicure and a date with a friend to go along, too.

Painting the bathroom that needs a new coat.

My gifts aren’t so much about things, but about time. Time is hard to come by, and when you are a mom, it’s more precious than just about anything else.

Of course, nothing beats the homemade gifts the kids make. Those are the ones I remember year to year and that have the most meaning. The kids’ cards and creations are always adorable and from the heart — truly the best gift of all. They make a mom proud. And on Mother’s Day, what more could a mom want!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

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