Going cheap with groceries

After hearing friends talk about it for a while now, I decided to try grocery shopping at Aldi.

I’ve shopped there before to just grab an item or two but never have done my entire week’s shopping at Aldi. I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to find nearly everything on my list except for some produce. The checkout lady at the store did say that they were picked over because I was shopping before the Packers game on Saturday and so, apparently, was everyone else.

In the end, my shopping trip took me less time than normal, saved me quite a bit of money and was a good experience.

I did learn a couple of things:

» Bring your own bags because they only provide boxes, and I don’t want more recycling stuff at our house. You have to bag your own groceries and provide the containers.

» Bring cash or a debit card. I had neither so I had to call Gary to help.

» Grocery carts cost 25 cents, but you get your money back when you “park” them again and link the carts together.

I still will be making a run to the my normal grocery store to pick up items like plastic wrap, beverages and anything else I prefer in a name brand, but I can save a lot of money going the Aldi route.

We’re trying out our new foods and keeping mental notes of what we like and what we don’t. I’ve been a fan of the hummus for years, thanks to a friend’s introduction to it, but the refrigerated cinnamon rolls aren’t as good as the Pillsbury ones.

Thumbs up to the trail mix, granola bars, pita chips and string cheese so far.

We’re making our way through the rest, and I’m anxious to see if it gets the stamp of approval from the kids.

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