Getting used to summer vacation all over again

We are just about one week into summer vacation, and we are settling into a bit of a groove.

The kids are sleeping in a little later than they did last summer, and it still seems like they need a mix of planned events in addition to their reading and down time so they don’t get bored. Plus, they need their rules or they would be spending too much time watching TV or playing on their iPods.

The first week has gone well, with kids getting to the camps they need to every day. (Gotta love carpools!) But summer also is a lot of work when you have to make arrangements for rides, make sure they are packed with what they need for camps each day, need to run here and there and generally are trying to plan, plan, plan all the time. Once you get off the normal routine, schedules take some work.

I received a press release a while back with some advice for finding success as a working mom. I’m sharing the information here in case it is helpful to others. I know I feel guilty I can’t have my summer off, too, to be with them.

Teresa Taylor is a former Fortune 200 COO, speaker, board member, wife, mom and author of “The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work/Life Success.”

According to Taylor,  true balance does not exist so working parents shouldn’t plan on that myth to survive this summer. 

Five tips to find summer success as a working mom:

  1. Establishing daycare fail-safe
  2. Preventing mommy guilt
  3. Implementing a layer system  
  4. Living off ONE summer schedule
  5. Sharing responsibilities 


I’m going to be on vacation next week and out of the office enjoying summer. Check back on June 24. Happy Father’s Day!!



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