Getting the job done and having fun doing it

Sometimes it’s the thing you wanted to do the least that proves to be the thing you needed the most.

I came home from work and running an errand Thursday just as it was turning dark, only to find Grace outside raking the front yard.

She told me she was feeling badly about the way she treated the boys and thought the best thing for her to do was to go outside, help the family and get some energy out.

I commended her for realizing that and asked if she wanted me to join her. Gary had dinner under control, and the boys were reading so I headed outside to help her rake.

Gary and the kids had done some initial raking weeks before but we had been waiting to do more until nearly all or all of our leaves had fallen. On Thursday, the majority hadĀ dropped so our yard was completely covered in yellow.

In less than an hour, we had the front cleaned up.

I don’t mind the exercise aspect of raking, but on a weeknight, it wasn’t something I was eager to do until I got out and did it.

We worked together in the darkness, got something done in the cool air and went inside for dinner feeling a major sense of accomplishment, with blisters to prove it.


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