Getting crafty with homemade gift ideas

It’s never too early to start thinking about birthday party ideas for the kids (who have celebrations in June and September) or Christmas gifts.

I’ve blogged in the past about how much I enjoy making homemade gifts and themed baskets and I want to do even more of that this year. It really makes gift-giving personal, creative and fun and often gets the kids involved, too.

I think my sister’s upcoming 40th birthday and plans for that have really put me in the mood.

We’re going to have a quiet family celebration (shh, don’t say anything), but I still want to make it festive.

A couple of our plans include giving each person a little treat. I bought a packet of Pop Rocks for each person and plan on decorating them with ribbon and tags to look like this.


They are cute, cheap and focus on the positive.

The kids and I are also putting together a candy card. I’ve made a few over the years, and they are always well-received. You can find most of the candy at grocery stores, Walgreens and King’s Variety in Little Chute.

Our candy card goes something like this, with the candy itself going in place of the words in the appropriate spots:

You’ve lived the life of (Good and Plenty), but lately do you hear the (Snickers) of young (Airheads) and (Smarties) calling you (Butterfingers) and (Nerd)? Do you feel your bones beginning to (Crunch)? Are you constantly fighting those (Chunky) (Mounds) around the middle? Have your (Whoppers) turned to (Milk Duds)? That doesn’t mean you need a (Lifesaver) as you approach these (Red Hot) years. We wish we could take you shopping on (5th Ave) in New (York), but it isn’t (Payday). So get your (Whatchamacallit) in gear to celebrate your (Extra) special birthday because you are worth (100 Grand). You better hope we don’t have any (Twix) up our sleeves!

We hope you get some (Chuckles) out of this card,

Your favorite (Sweethearts) and the (3 Musketeers) 

So fun! To celebrate my crafty mood, this week I’m going to be showing you some of the other homemade ideas I have in mind for birthdays and Christmas this year.

Here is what is coming up this week:

TUESDAY: DIY Fruity Lip Balm

WEDNESDAY: Homemade vanilla

THURSDAY: Orange you sweet

FRIDAY: TGIF! with Irish Liquor

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