Getting all dressed up for Halloween

We’re starting to talk Halloween costumes in our house, and I think it’s going to come down between Minecraft and a Duck Dynasty character.

Lucas is a bit all over the board on what he wants to be: the soccer player Messi, which is what Ben was last year; a Minecraft creeper; a mad scientist; or a character from Duck Dynasty, which is what I’m encouraging because I think it would be hilarious to see him in a beard and camo — something totally out of his element.

But we’ll see. We still have time, but I’m all about putting together the costumes ourselves more than just buying them in a bag, but we’ll see what they want to do.


Grace had a Halloween costume photo shoot last night, and now she is jacked about what to dress up as. She wants to be everything: a bee, a hippie, a neon witch, a groovy girl.

I’m glad she has ideas. That’s the hardest part and the first step.

We’ll see about Ben. He’s getting to that age where he’s not sure if he wants to get dressed up and go. I’m sure it will all depend on what his friends want to do.

It’s just fun to be talking about it and to start getting creative.

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