Forgiving Mother Nature in one weekend

This past weekend was so beautiful, so springlike, so warm that in two days I completely forgave Mother Nature for what she did to us in March and April.

Just one glimmer of heat was all that I needed to feel hopeful that winter will not indeed be here forever.

And it’s exactly what the kids needed to — some fresh air and change in activities.

Lucas spent nearly his entire weekend outdoors, actually crying Sunday night when he had to come in to shower and get ready for bed, not allowed to return to the neighbor’s dirt pile he had been digging in for worms earlier.

I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to be outside either. Over the course of the weekend, I washed all the windows, raked the mulch in the yard to give it a much-needed boost, cleaned off the porch and patio and pulled out leaves and other remnants stored under the bushes over winter. Gary raked the entire lawn, cleaned out the garage and tidied up the yard. And we did it all with the help of the kids.

We’re now ready for the next step: planting the garden, which will wait a few weeks, and getting our flowers.

I had sore arms to prove it on Monday, but the effort was so worth it.

I can really feel spring and summer now.

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