Forget the snow blower; shoveling is where it’s at

We are earning some major street cred.

OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but we could be the talk of the neighborhood with our refusal to buy a snow blower and insistence on shoveling it ourselves. I think we are the only ones on the block who rely on a shovel.

Gary and I enjoy getting the exercise and are a bit stubborn about turning to a snow blower when you don’t use it much throughout the winter. It would come in handy at the bottom of the driveway after the plow comes through, but we manage. I didn’t grow up with a snow blower and don’t see any reason to change now.

Now that the kids are getting older, shoveling is getting easier, too, because we have more helping hands — whether they are willing┬áhands or not. Everyone needs to get out and assist.

Gary beat me home yesterday, and he had just gotten outside with the kids. Grace already was shoveling, and the boys were shoveling and playing. I told them I’d be outside shortly to help.

After changing and putting on my gear, I stepped outside about 10 minutes later and nearly the entire driveway was done already without me having to lift a finger. I helped finish it up, played outside with the kids and headed inside.

Now that’s easy.


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