Finding ways to protect children’s safety

There’s been quite a bit of talk recently about children’s safety, given the news accounts of strangers approaching children outside schools.

In  response, the Menasha Police Department offered an educational event for children that promoted the Yell & Tell program, which teaches children what to do when they observe a dangerous situation, whether it is child enticement, guns or water safety.

» See it: Observe something dangerous

» Feel it: Feel something is not right

» Yell: Yell “Help!”

» Tell: Tell the nearest adult.

It’s all about taking action and becoming a hero. For more information, visit

Another way parents can protect themselves is by being aware of where sex offenders live in the neighborhood, by schools or in the community. AlertID is a free service that provides that information.

Here’s more information, according to a press release:

AlertID, a provider of public safety information that is universally accessible, now makes up-to-date sex offender information and alerts available to residents of Wisconsin.  With the addition of Wisconsin, AlertID now makes these alerts available to more than 219 million people or about seventy percent of U.S. residents. These critical alerts are delivered directly to members’ computers and mobile devices, thanks to AlertID.

Residents may register for free with AlertID, provide the addresses of areas they would like to monitor—home, workplace, school, park, shopping center or any other physical location (even in other states)—and then see a map displaying the locations of registered sex offenders in those areas. In addition, AlertID members will receive alerts on their smartphones, tablets and email whenever any information about existing sex offenders changes or when new sex offenders move into any of their monitored areas. Supported states include Oregon, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Georgia, California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona.

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