Explaining the unexplainable to children

Friday’s tragedy in Newtown, Conn., is a tough one for any human being to process. It’s even harder when you are a parent and have to explain the unexplainable to children.

How do you make them feel safe in school? Anywhere for that matter. How do you make them understand that, while these events are so tragic, especially when you see the photos of the little faces who are gone, they are indeed rare occurrences. How do you make them understand that when you as an adult realize events like these are getting deadlier, more wicked and more frequent. These rare occurrences don’t seem so rare any more.

We talked about the massacre this weekend. I let the children dictate the conversation and how much they needed to hear. Grace and Lucas were content knowing the basics, that the killer was dead and that their school is safe.

They are well aware of the possibilities because of the intruder drills they practice at school.

Ben, however, wants a lot of information. He watched TV shows about it, read the paper and texted friends afterward and shared messages of support on Instagram. He is wearing Newtown colors of green and white to school today to support the community, the school, the students.

Kids helping kids.

And that’s how they — how we — will make it through.

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