Embracing the technology team at home

Where there is new technology, there is no shortage of helpers.

I got an iPhone last week through work, and it’s like Christmas in my house. Not only have I wanted one for such a long time, but the kids are equally as excited for me to have a cool toy and for them to help me understand it all.

They were asking me about helping so much that I ended up having to assign them a task. Lucas got to show me the video aspect, Ben showed me Siri and how to get apps, and Grace wanted to work out the camera part with me.

Ben has had an iPod Touch for about a year, but Grace and Lucas only know how to use them through other friends and family.

The thing that is amazing is how growing up with technology changes the way you view it. Not only do they understand how it all works, but they aren’t afraid to try any of it. They aren’t intimidated; they know they will figure it out. They also want as much of it as they can get their hands on.

And it’s good to know I’ll always have technical help right at home!

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