Eager to dump the Halloween candy

The bags aren’t quite as stuffed as they were a few weeks ago, but already I am tiring of having all the Halloween candy around.

The paper grocery sacks are lining the wall in our dining room, and I’m ready to empty their contents into one big bowl for all to share and to not be so out in the open. But the kids aren’t quite ready for such a bold move.

Come next week, when Thanksgiving arrives and then the extended weekend for Christmas decorating, I’m thinking the timing will be right for making a change.  Out of sight, out of mind maybe??

I talked to them after Halloween about slimming down their mother lodes after a few weeks and they have had their fill of candy. But for the first time since they’ve been trick-or-treating, they don’t want anything to do with cutting back, getting rid of it or losing interest in all those sweets. They want to eat all of it. And when  you only get a piece or two of it a day, it takes a very, very long time to get rid of it.

They did take the first step in reducing the contents this weekend when family was visiting and encouraged to help themselves.

My mom took some of our candy extras off our hands — the leftover candy we had from a lack of trick-or-treaters this year. She also was talking to Grace about how much she loves Laffy Taffy and took all the banana-flavored ones the kids didn’t want.

So … when Grace and I were running an errand last night and she came upon something in the store, she wanted to have her picture taken with it since it was just right for Nana.

Sweets for her sweet.



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