Dreaming of spring already

I think the winter-is-getting-old sentiment is starting to develop strong feelings in our house.

While we enjoy the snow for outdoor fun, I was surprised to hear Benjamin say how happy he was that it was getting warmer (that was so last week) and that the snow was disappearing. He’s eager to get outside and play, he said.

He and a buddy were shooting hoops outside over the weekend at his friend’s house and determined after a bit that it was just too cold. During the warm weather they can be out there for hours. Getting in some basketball practice outside in January isn’t really conducive to Wisconsin, and it requires much more effort — and a parent to drive them to the Y.

Yesterday Lucas also commented about how he was sad to see that the fort he worked on extensively after the snowstorm in December had nearly melted away but that he couldn’t wait for it to be warm outside to play in a snow-free yard and to go to the beach. He’s really dreaming!

And then after the Packers loss on Saturday, Gary said it will make for a long January without having a team to cheer for in the next coming weeks.

I’m not sure what that will mean for February … or March.

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