Dad builds drone to hover over son

A Vermont dad is giving new meaning to the phrase “helicopter parents.”

Paul Wallich built a camera-mounted helicopter drone to follow his grade-school son on his way to the bus stop 400 yards away from home when Dad can’t do it himself.

Apparently finding a power source to handle such a thing, however, is the difficult part, with batteries only lasting enough for a one-way trip so Wallich says he’ll likely have to keep walking his son to the bus stop any way.

One critic is saying Wallich should just trust his son enough to let him walk on his own to the bus stop. Others see it as just a cool toy. It definitely would get a lot of attention.

My kids don’t take the bus or walk to school because I drop them off every morning, but I know the drone isn’t something Grace or Benjamin would appreciate. Lucas, however, would love showing it off.

What do you think?

Here’s a link to read the full story.

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