Customized signup sheets online could bring about big change

For the last three years I’ve been coordinating teacher conference meals and Teacher Appreciation Week treats at school.

I’ve always made a lineup for the week and then sent out an email in advance to parents  on the committee looking for the food items I need for each night of the week. Because there are always so many willing volunteers, it’s easy to find enough helpers ,but it does require a lot of emailing back and forth.

I knew there had to be an easier way, and it wasn’t until other moms made a suggestion that I started looking into it more.

As you would expect, there are websites that can help in this process and that allow you to create a customized sign-up sheet for pretty much anything you need. Not only would it be good for what I need it for right now, but it also would be helpful if you were coordinating meals for someone needing assistance, planning regular meals for a new mom or overseeing an office potluck.

Perfect Potluck at was one of the websites suggested. It’s as easy as filling out your name, contact information, establishing a password for everyone to use and filling out the location. You then get to work in figuring out the categories of food, including the amount or number needed and making any necessary notations.  Once you are done, you submit it and it’s available for your friends to see and for you to print it out as needed.

The other one a friend told me about was SignUp Genius at works in much the same way except that it goes way beyond the food aspect and covers scheduling for activities like church nursery baby sitters, parent-teacher conference times, carpools and more.

I have a feeling that once I dive in, I’m not going to return to my old ways!




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