Coming up with ideas for ‘presence’

Last week I blogged about trying to come up with Christmas ideas and how the best Christmas gifts aren’t always presents but rather presence.

They are the ideas that focus on time spent together rather than on another toy under the tree.

This year I’m having a harder time coming up with new and different ones than in previous years. We’ve done sporting events and tickets to a performing arts show, and now I’m trying to branch out.

I heard from reader Jan Voyles with her suggestions.

“How about a massage?” she asked. “I treated my daughters — 11 and 8 – and myself to a one-hour massage at Blue Sky School of Professional Massage in De Pere.  They had a special of $20 each, which was in my budget for a first-time massage for all of us. They loved it and have asked when we can go again.”

That’s something I hadn’t thought of before and definitely would consider it. I’ve done a pedicure with Grace before, and it’s a similar concept. It also got me thinking about making my own gift “cards”: Lambeau stadium tour with Benjamin, a scrapbooking day with Grace, movie and lunch with Lucas. 

You can’t really go wrong. After all, spending time together is a win-win.

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