Clothes show effects of overuse

I recently blogged about how the winter outerwear needs a break.

Now, I’m seeing that the everyday wear also needs to change. A new season of clothing is in order.

It seems like every time I do a load of laundry, I find another sock with a hole in it. That was the case last night. I also found the latest pair of athletic pants of Lucas’ that have a rip in the knee. He likely will be able to get a few more wears out of them until they are a full-scale eyesore and need to get tossed. Until then, they will join the other holey pants that fill his drawer.

I’m down to four pants for him that still look decent. I can’t wait until it’s short season and I don’t have to worry about knees. I’m thinking it will be a while though.

Ben also told me that he needs new pants. He went to put on a pair of jeans over the weekend that he hasn’t worn in a while, and they were super short and tight in the legs. He’s outgrown many of his pants and could use a few more to add to his wardrobe, but I hate buying this season’s clothing when it will be changing to next season’s soon. Or at least I hope!

Grace is running low on socks, her pants are getting too short and her shoes have seen better days.

With all of their requests for replacements, I told them that can only mean one thing. The time to try on all of their spring and summer clothing is just around the corner. We need to weed out what doesn’t fit or work any more, and once we know what they are going to need, we can head out and shop.


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