Brother is on the move

My brother called last week to wish Grace and Gary happy birthdays.

During his conversation he told us that he and his wife are moving to Raleigh, N.C., as part of a job promotion.

It’s taking me a while to get my head wrapped around it. While I am thrilled for him and the pat on the back he’s getting from his employer after a short time with the company (and that Jamie also has a job lined up), it’s going to be weird without him close by.

It’s not that he lives in the neighborhood, but he’s less than three hours away in Downers Grove, just outside Chicago. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in Madison a few years ago, moving to Illinois was the first time he’s lived out of state.

My parents have been in Fond du Lac forever, and my sister has floated between Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago over the past two decades so our small family always has been relatively close.

It’s going to change now, and their absence will take some getting used to.

We are going to see his place in Downers Grove in a few weeks for the first time, and the following weekend they move out. We likely won’t seem them again until Christmas.

The kids were particularly sad when they heard the news. Adam is the life of the party, and family get-togethers won’t be the same without him. They miss him already.

Thank goodness for technology. Their move will be just the excuse we have been waiting for to use Skype.

And our trip to North Carolina already is in the works.


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