Boo: It’s Halloween!

The escape is the best part of the boo.

Every year at Halloween, the kids and I decide to “boo” the homes of friends and neighbors. It’s truly great fun at such a little cost. Plus, I know how much my kids love to be on the receiving end of such a surprise, too.

We put together some treats and put them in a festive container and head out in the dark of night to their home.

The kids always have a plan — who is going to ring the doorbell, who is going to put the treat down and where they are going to run to.

We’ve had to case the neighborhood of some of our friends a time or two just to figure out where the car can hide and where the kids can go where they can’t be seen.

A few times, we’ve actually had to ring the doorbell twice when no one came to the door the first time.

We’ve also gotten busted before by friends’ neighbors, who know immediately what we are doing.

A woman on a recent night said, “You must be booing.”

Last year we ran into a dad and his daughter who also were out doing the same thing.

Everyone wants to get in on the fun.

Happy haunting tonight!!

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