Birthday sentiments the biggest gift of all

Sometimes the most simplest of sentiments are the best. No gifts necessary.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great day, even though it was very much a regular day and didn’t offer anything too out of the ordinary, except for all the sweet treats and kind remarks.

There wasn’t a fancy meal for two at a fine restaurant, complete with wine and a baby sitter.¬†Instead, we had chicken fajita soup and homemade cake before Ben and Grace had to head out. And I appreciated the time — though quick — the five of us had together.

I ran into an acquaintance at school in the morning when I was dropping off the kids who wished me a happy day and said how different birthdays are once you have kids. Busy schedules don’t allow for much, we agreed, and I think we all prefer to celebrate their big days rather than our own.

Maybe in the end that’s what makes the simple joys on your birthday the ones you get the biggest pleasure from. I heard from old friends and new on Facebook throughout the day, got thoughtful texts, had treats brought in by a coworker to mark the day, had the unexpected visit of a friend here at the office, enjoyed coffee with a girlfriend this morning and am looking forward to seeing pals for dinner tonight.

And I got the cutest call at work from the kids, who on their own decided to call me and sing “Happy Birthday,” much like we do to my parents and other family members when it’s their birthdays. That they thought to do that — together — without prodding meant so much.

It’s really about the wishes, the time out people take from busy days to think of you.

Thank you.

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