Birthday celebrations are all about the treat (bag)

Birthdays are a cause for celebration, of course. But they also are a cause for treats.

With Grace’s birthday this week, she is all about marking the big day with family, with friends, at school, with her soccer teammates.

Because she isn’t a big sweets eater, except for ice cream, which doesn’t always travel well, we had to get creative with her portable birthday treats.

The school’s healthy treats policy, too, limits what we can bring. Taking cupcakes covered in a layer of frosting as thick as the baked good itself isn’t really an option, which is fine because she wouldn’t want that either.

Instead, we came upon an idea that worked well with her team that might be worth repeating for the classroom.

We decided to make treat bags of homemade snack mix and passed them out over the weekend after her game on Sunday. While the mix isn’t exactly healthy, it isn’t too bad either since I went lighter on the sweet stuff.  

Here’s what I included in the fall-ish treat bags: pretzels, Kix cereal, chocolate Chex cereal, Teddy Grahams, candy corn, malted milk balls and Halloween marshmallow shapes. I was going to put raisins in but forgot. Those would be a great addition. I always go nut-free for any treat for kids because of food allergies so we skipped peanuts. I was going to put M&Ms in it but decided we had enough sugar so I went without.

The treats were a big hit, and the extras didn’t stick around either!

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