Author’s fans spread over generations

Grace received a coupon for a free Scholastic book order through school at Christmas.

As she was going through the order form trying to make the best selection, she finally landed on a two-pack of Beverly Cleary books.

I was thrilled and told her about how much I loved Beverly Cleary books as a kid. Ramona, Henry Higgins and Beezus never grow old, and it makes me feel good to have a shared experience like that with her.

I’m hoping her interest in Cleary only will continue to grow and that she also will discover the books of Judy Blume and Paula Danzinger. They also were some of my favorite authors from childhood, and the subjects they cover in their books like the ups and downs of friendships, adolescents and puberty never change or become outdated.

My fifth-grade friends and I were so moved by “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” that we formed our own club and talked about girl things.

Sharing a love for a book with friends — and even with your mom — is the stuff happy memories are made of.


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