Author details motherhood vs. career in book

I get interesting mail.

The news release below got my attention. It’s about a Midwest mom who leaves behind a successful career to take care of her son. The description had me interested.

See for yourself. Here’s the press release:

Imagine building the life you wanted. Now imagine having to walk away because your child was too sick for you to continue having it all.

What would you do if your dreams and successes all fell apart?

Author Anne Marie Hamming faced that challenge. Her son’s deadly illness deconstructed nearly everything she thought she wanted in life. But that was only the beginning of the story. His recovery following a full bone marrow transplant reshaped her life and transformed her heart.

In elegant narrative, Hamming gently carries readers through the experience of nearly losing a son and getting him back. She writes honestly about the tension between career and family, major medical crises and reuniting siblings after dramatic changes. Similar challenges face a number of families, with U.S. Labor Department numbers showing nearly three out of four mothers are in the work force.

“I felt compelled to write Saving Lee, Finding Grace because I knew many families go through similar challenges, but few people get the opportunity to write about their situations,” Hamming said. “People would ask me how I made it through. I decided to write about how I not only made it through but also how I found deep joy and purpose. Now I wouldn’t give up those experiences for anything.”

Hamming wrote the book to inspire people to look at their own disappointments with gratitude for the things they still have and the lessons they can learn from unanticipated change. Her book offers readers an alternative view of success and provides an example of ways to be happy and gratified despite the stress that comes from raising a family amid great challenges.

The hardcover is $27.99, and paperback is $16.95. It’s available at, and

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