Anxiously awaiting trip to the apple orchard

I was so hoping to find time over the weekend to go apple picking, but we just didn’t have enough of it in one chunk to head out to the orchard.

We are all anxious to get out and pick after last season’s crop was impacted by the odd spring weather, and many orchards didn’t allow a pick-your-own option since they couldn’t afford to waste any of their fruit.

This year appears to be different, and I’m ready to capitalize on it. In the past we’ve headed to Sprangers, Star Orchard and Schabo’s and have had great luck — and great fun — and will do the same this year.

There’s nothing more traditional in fall than apple picking in Wisconsin. Or more delicious!

It’s not unusual for us to go and pick a couple of paper bags filled with a mix of Cortlands, Galas and Golden Delicious apples. I will make apple pie and bars and cut some up to eat with a caramel-cream cheese mixture, but most of our apples will just be eaten out of hand in lunches and snacks. We’ll likely go through our supply in a few weeks and will return to the orchard for more.

Last year we never made it to the Little Farmer in Malone, just outside of Fond du Lac, and I definitely want to make a long-awaited return. It’s such a beautiful place with pies, muffins and caramel apple treats along with hayrides, pumpkins and apples.

It’s fall at its finest.





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