And then there were two

Ben has been talking quite a bit lately about middle school, and his conversations seemed to have rubbed off on Grace and Lucas, in particular, in surprising ways.

On our short drive to school recently, something must have clicked in Lucas’ head about how things are going to be changing for him, for Ben and for the family. Starting next school year, they all won’t be going to the same school, and our dropoff routine will be changing.

And that seemed to make Lucas a bit pensive. He’s going to miss his big brother.

Through our conversation, he realized that Ben won’t have any siblings with him at middle school since it is only for seventh and eighth grades, but that Lucas and Grace will have one another for a year. He was happy with that.

The next time all three of them will be together again at one school will be when Lucas is a freshman, Grace is a sophomore and Ben is a senior.

It’s going to be a change and an adjustment for all of us. The three have been together at elementary school for four years, and it’s nice to know they have each other,┬ábut it’s also made the logistics so much easier.

We’ll enjoy it while we can.


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