And so it begins …

The start of the school year can be such a dramatic time.

Grace accompanied me to school yesterday for registration to find out whom her teacher for the upcoming year is.

Once she found out, the real scrambling began. She called a bunch of friends and left a bunch of messages. She asked me to reach out to some parents, and I did.

She wasn’t going to rest until she found some friends who are going to be in her class and which class her closest buddies are in. But with registration held over the course of two days, she has to wait until tomorrow to find out about a couple of her other friends.

All this of this wondering and waiting isn’t easy for one 9-year-old girl.

Which is in exact opposite to Lucas, who decided he would stay home from registration, and said I could just tell him when I returned home with Grace.

He was super pumped about his teacher and anxious to find out what friends are in his class, but that didn’t distract him from continuing with the capture-the-flag game he was so focused on.

But Grace’s hopeful attitude and Lucas’ not caring changed quite a bit by the end of the day when after talking to a handful of their closest friends (I’m talking about seven to 10 pals each) they realized that neither — as of yet — has one buddy in their classroom, not one. In Lucas’ case, all of his friends are together in one classroom. And I have to add that my excitement also has turned to irritation after finding that out.

I have a hard time figuring out how and why classrooms can be so unevenly distributed with friends.

Ben, who has the same teacher in sixth grade as he did in fifth because of split classrooms at his school for those grades, was out of this loop for the first time in elementary school. I’m relieved not to be worried — or frustrated — with the makeup of his classroom.

I remember being just like that when I was in school. Registration day is a biggie.

Then and now.


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