Absence makes heart grow fonder

They were two long days, but I survived.

My phone died on a Saturday afternoon while taking a photo at Streetball, and it wasn’t revived until Monday. As I said, I survived, but it wasn’t easy.

Late that Sunday evening at home, Gary looked over at me and said, “You miss your phone, don’t you?”

There’s no denying I did.

All of this showed me just how quickly you become accustomed to having access 24/7 to technology and information.

Since receiving my iPhone a few months ago, I now rely on it for checking work and home emails throughout the day and night without having to go on my laptop, using it while on the go for posting to Facebook, finding out news and weather instantly. I can take photos, send texts and keep myself busy while waiting for kids during carpool duty.

You know the drill. I bet you can’t live without your smartphone¬†either.

Once you have all this access, it’s hard to turn it off.

Thankfully, I only had to for 48 hours.

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