A blend of Thanksgiving and Christmas

We’ve got the Christmas spirit.

While the boys were out with Gary and friends Friday at a basketball game, Grace and I cranked up the Christmas music and hauled all of our decorations from the basement and got to work.

A couple of hours later, we had our house decorated. Our artificial tree is up in the family room, adding such a warm glow to the room. We have plans to get our real one on Sunday.

Gary braved the cold weather yesterday and put up our outdoor lights so those are ready to go at any time. We likely won’t turn them on until Friday so that it’s actually after Thanksgiving.

Plus, I spent some time in the kitchen and made my dad four loaves of julekage bread that is a tradition in our family for Christmas breakfast. It’s ready to go in the freezer alongside the cranberry bread I made with it for our contribution to the Thanksgiving feast at my cousin’s house.

It’s a mix of Thanksgiving and Christmas. And that just seems so appropriate.

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