70 lbs of tamales sole casualty of Octoberfest health inspections

Health inspectors checked 89 food vendors during License to Cruise and Octoberfest last weekend and found a compliance rate of 89 percent, meaning 73 of them had no violations. Avenue

Kurt Eggebrecht, the city’s health officer, said it’s the highest level in years.

“You have to remember these are nonprofit organizations that don’t usually do food service day in and day out,” Eggebrecht said. “We have mandatory training for food prep but these are volunteers from civic organizations and churches so it’s impressive to have a high compliance rate.”

The 16 vendors that failed had 24 violations that ranged from hand washing to temperature issues.

About 70 pounds of tamales had to be tossed out due to “extreme temperature abuse.” A memo from the Health Department says the product was prepared Friday, but only cooled down to 70-90 degrees more than 12 hours later.

In 2012, there were 99 food stands inspected with 79 coming away with no violations, or a compliance rate of 79 percent. There were a total of 29 violations last year at 19 stands.

Eggebrecht said there were no reported illnesses due to food served in 2013.

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