Event, art exhibit, auction to benefit Waupaca County Women’s Assistance Fund

An event to benefit the Waupaca County Women’s Assistance Fund on Oct. 25 is promoting an art exhibit and silent auction of artful bras.

The event starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Waupaca Ale House, 201 Foxfire Drive, Waupaca. It is free but registration is requested. Donations for the Women’s Assistance Fund will be accepted.

Riverside Medical Center in Waupaca, the Waupaca Arts Board and the Waupaca Library Foundation organized the event, exhibit and auction to honor those who have experienced breast cancer and to raise awareness for breast cancer treatment and prevention.

The event includes refreshments, musical entertainment and a staff comedian from Riverside Medical Center.

“Save the Girls- An Uplifting Experience!,” the exhibit of artful bras that Waupaca area artists, quilters and crafters have created, is on display through Nov. 10 in the Waupaca Area Public Library, 107 S. Main Street, Waupaca.

The silent auction of the artful bras, which is ongoing, benefits the Women’s Assistance Fund. The program helps income-eligible Waupaca County women over the age of 35 to pay for items including wigs, gas cards and medications.

To register for the event, call 715-258-1119 or visit www.thedacare.org. The Waupaca Area Public Library is online at www.waupacalibrary.org.

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