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Sly  Joe & the Smooth Operators

*Joe Slyzelia playing “Through the Fire and Flames” by Dragonforce. … Just kidding.

News: Sometimes I think Fox Valley musician Joe Slyzelia knows how to do just three things: create, create, create. 

And Slyzelia, aka Sly Joe of Sly Joe of the Smooth Operators, recently added another newbie to his catalog called “More than One.”

Listen to “More than One.”

Fueled by a recent trip to Nashville, “More than One” incorporates a little more honky tonk/country than a usual Sly Joe tune, but what’s wrong with a little variety?

Words from Sly Joe: “So on my last night (in Nashville), I retreated behind the castle walls of a friend’s apartment and started writing ‘More than One.’ Even though I’ve experienced it so many times it’s still pretty amazing to me, the effect that new surroundings can have on your heart and soul.  And every time I hear this song now, it reminds me of Nashville.”

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