Watch: New trailer for Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’


Friday will be a gigantic day for Netflix.

Come the work week’s end, all 13 episodes of the company’s biggest foray into original series — their “Sopranos” or “Mad Men,” one could say — arrives on their instant streaming service. Netflix is already the home for serious binge TV viewing, and now with it’s own, A-listed original series, the ante will be seriously upped.

HouseofCardsposter“House of Cards” is an adaptation of a British drama, with the Americanized version fronted by Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey, who hopes to bring a new character into the ranks of TV’s most talked-about anti-heroes alongside Don Draper and Walter White.

If Spacey alone doesn’t have the Hollywood clout you’re looking for, David Fincher (“Fight Club,” “The Social Network”) directs and is an executive producer. Some flimsy little Web series this isn’t.

This lengthy trailer has been on the Web since November, but to try to crank up the hype, another trailer for the series has arrived, with Spacey’s Frank Underwood detailing the “two kinds of pain.” More tonal than table-setting, the clip seems to set the mood (and suggest the adult nature) of “House of Cards.” Watch it below.

For more on “House of Cards,” check out this AP feature story from Jake Coyle that ran on the Hub last weekend.

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