‘Walking Dead’ midseason trailer arrives

TWD_TR_309_0810_0447“The Governor’s on the way to the prison right now,” says our fearless, occasionally poncho-clad zombie-slayer Daryl in the new trailer for the upcoming half-season of “The Walking Dead,” setting up the clash between our heroes and their Governor-led adversaries.

Little else is revealed in the 30-second clip, which features a variety of “Walking Dead” characters saying something similar to “The Governor is coming!” Although we can surmise, from what we see, that brother Merle doesn’t lop off Daryl’s head in front of the frothing fans of Woodbury in the scene that follow’s the eighth episode’s cliffhanger.

So, it seems the third season’s remaining eight remaining episodes will be centered around the war between  Team Rick — now with more bodies thanks to Tyrese & Co. — and Team Governor. Will the man in the eye patch soon govern the prison? Will Daryl victoriously ride his chopper through the blood-spattered streets of Woodbury? We shall see.

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on Feb. 10. 

–Shane Nyman, snyman@postcrescent.com or on Twitter @shanenyman

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