Rolling Stone, Spin release year-end albums lists

Frank Ocean

A year ago, pretty much only the avid followers of the hip-hop collective Odd Future knew who Frank Ocean was. Suddenly, one critically-adored “Channel Orange” later, the R&B crooner is gathering Grammy Award nominations left and right and topping (or nearly topping) every year-end list the internet has to offer.

Here’s a look at three top 50 album lists for 2012, each of which have Frank Ocean’s record at or near No. 1. (Not surprisingly, Rolling Stone went with a more well-aged selection, which pretty much plays into the biggest complaint people have with the magazine these days.)

As I have previously stated, I do not think these lists really mean anything, but they are a good way to learn about music you may have missed throughout the year and find bands/albums that are worth checking out.

Rolling Stone’s 50 best albums of 2012

Spin’s 50 best albums of 2012

Stereogum’s top 50 albums of 2012

In case you missed it, here are two previous lists that surfaced earlier in the week.

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