‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘Parenthood’ universes collide

The TV show “Friday Night Lights” that ran for five seasons on NBC and DirectTV’s 101 Network ended in 2011, but has continued to grow its following thanks to DVD releases and Netflix. Jason Katims was an executive producer for the show, and now runs NBC’s “Parenthood,” which is on a break from its fifth season for the Olympics.

fnlIt’s a safe assumption that a lot of “Friday Night Lights” fans are “Parenthood” fans. Those who are down with the Dillon Panthers (or the East Dillon Lions) are likely to also be down with the Braverman clan.

Knowing this, Katims and company have delivered a treat in the form of a “Parenthood” webisode that collides the two universes. “Friday Night Lights” actors have entered the “Parenthood” world before, but not as their former selves: Michael B. Jordan, Jurnee Smollett and Matt Lauria, most recently, have made the trek from Texas to California for new roles. Here, Landry Clarke’s band Crucifictorious visits the Luncheonette for a recording session manned by Amber and Max.

And please, don’t try to follow the continuity. It’ll tie your brain in knots. (Also, try to forget Jesse Plemons’ more recent role as Todd on “Breaking Bad.” Though Landry Clarke has some darkness in his past, he’s still the soft-hearted dork from Dillon, not the Lydia-loving Ricky Hitler from a few months back.)

Here’s the clip, which features two ad breaks that tested my limits for online video-watching. But if you have a love for Dillon, the final minute makes it all worth while.

–Shane Nyman, snyman@postcrescent.com or on Twitter @shanenyman

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