Critics rank their favorite albums of 2013

Vampire Weekend has landed on many year-end lists. / Getty Images

Is it really December already? But weren’t music critics just tweeting out links to their favorite albums of the half-year a few blinks ago?

It seems that way, but, alas, here we are. With every December comes the avalanche of year-end music lists. For the past week (and in the weeks to come), the internet has been a swarm of lists: 50 best albums of the year, 200 best songs of the year, 25 best album covers of the year, 50 best songs under 2 minutes that start with the letter J.

As a rabid music consumer, I sometimes gripe about all the list-peddling but, at the same time, I look at them all. Here are a few that have caught my attention and, although sometimes they all seem to fit the same formulas, they can often lead to some exciting discoveries.

• NPR Music’s 50 favorite albums of 2013

• Rolling Stone’s top 50 albums of 2013

• Spin’s 50 best albums of 2013

• Stereogum’s 50 best albums of 2013

• Greg Kot’s (of the Chicago Tribune) top rock albums of 2013

• Paste’s 50 best albums of 2013

• The AV Club’s 23 best albums of 2013

For those curious, I’ll be posting my favorite albums of 2013 later on this week.

–Shane Nyman, or on Twitter: @shanenyman


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