All of ‘Breaking Bad’ now available on Netflix

If you’re the breed of “Breaking Bad” fan who wasn’t quite caught up in time for the final run of episodes in late 2013, here’s some good news. The final eight episodes of the AMC drama are now available for streaming on Netflix.


The back half of Season 5 offers some of the must intense and captivating episodes from the entire series, including what many see as the best overall hour of “Breaking Bad” in the third-to-last offering “Ozymandias.”

So, for those last holdovers, you can start your final binge and not have to plug your ears every time somebody in your company brings up Walter White, Jesse Pinkman or makes some seemingly outdated joke about the band Badfinger. Plus, the expiration period for any sort of spoilery courtesy has pretty much run out by now. People can more or less speak freely about what does or doesn’t happen in “Felina” without consequence.

With the addition of the final episodes, the entire series is now available for streaming.

And speaking of “Ozymandias,” here’s the teaser that ran on AMC in the lead up to the final episodes, which still sends chills down my spine. And, of course, it’s spoiler free. (It’s just Bryan Cranston reading Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem “Ozymandias” … but evil.)


–Shane Nyman, or on Twitter @shanenyman

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