1. Are you a charcoal or a gas grill person?
  2. Do you think schools should get rid of yearbooks?
  3. Moms, be honest, what present would like to get on Mother's Day?
  4. Would it influence your eating habits if food labels showed how long you’d have to exercise to burn off the calories in the food?
  5. Is there a second Hank the Dog?
  6. How much do you plan on spending on your significant other this Valentine's Day?
  7. Would you be more likely to shop on Craigslist if there were a “safe exchange location” at your local police or fire department?
  8. "Do you buy your pet(s) presents during the holidays?"
  9. Which days will you shop? Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Or both?
  10. Should Brown County change the name of Austin Straubel International Airport?
  11. After the Packers’ 6-0 start, what will their regular-season record be?
  12. What are your plans for a Packers bye weekend?
  13. Should Chippewa tribes be allowed to deer hunt at night?
  14. Should faculty, students be allowed to conceal carry on UW campuses?
  15. Which team are you rooting for in the National League playoffs?
  16. Which team are rooting for in the American League playoffs?
  17. Which is a higher proirity: new Colburn pool or beach at Bay Beach?
  18. Should Congress cut all federal funding of Planned Parenthood?
  19. Should Snapchat bring back the Best Friends feature?
  20. Give us your prediction for Seahawks vs. Packers on Sunday.
  21. Should Facebook add a "dislike" button?
  22. The Packers play Sunday night. What's the best time for you to watch them?
  23. What do you think of Gov. Walker's plan to eliminate unions for employees of the federal government?
  24. Which Packers game are you most looking forward to this year?
  25. Give us your prediction for Packers vs. Bears on Sunday.
  26. What do you do with your old cellphone(s)?
  27. How far will the Packers go this year?
  28. Should the Kentucky clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples be held in contempt of court?
  29. What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?
  30. Do you worry about border security with Canada?
  31. Should possession of any amount of marijuana be legal?
  32. What do you like most about Artstreet?
  33. Are you satisfied with security measures in schools?
  34. Should the Packers sign a veteran wide receiver?
  35. Can the Packers win the Super Bowl without Jordy Nelson?
  36. Should the FAA regulate drones?
  37. What do you think of the Packers’ plan for the Titletown District?
  38. Have you finished your back-to-school shopping?
  39. Should all high school students have to pass a civics test to graduate?
  40. Will you check out the Packers Hall of Fame when it reopens?
  41. Should the state have a law banning ownership of dangerous exotic animals?
  42. Do you wear a lifejacket when you go boating?
  43. When is the symbolic end to summer?
  44. Do you like the four-game NFL preseason?
  45. Who do you think will win the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits?
  46. What’s your current phone setup at home?
  47. You’re at the Wisconsin State Fair and hungry, which food option do you choose?
  48. Will you check out the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits?
  49. After one week of training camp, do you have any worries about the Packers?
  50. Who did the best during the GOP debate on Thursday?
  51. Which of these summertime activities will you do before Labor Day?
  52. Which of these summertime activities are you most looking forward to in August?
  53. Will you attend a Green Bay Packers training camp practice?
  54. What do you think of the Brewers’ moves before the trade deadline?
  55. What best describes your view of the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe?
  56. Do you think the early GOP debates will be useful?
  57. What do you think of the Packers’ World War II-era throwback uniforms?
  58. What’s your top area of concern for the Packers?
  59. As training camp gets underway this week, how will the Packers do this season?
  60. What is your favorite type of fruit pie?
  61. What do you want to hear about the Packers at Tuesday’s shareholders meeting?
  62. What’s your view on possible variable pricing for Packers tickets?
  63. Who do you credit for the Packers' most recent success?
  64. Who do you credit most with the Packers resurgence in the 1990s?
  65. Do Donald Trump’s comments about John McCain change your view of him?
  66. Are you planning on attending EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh?
  67. This hot, humid weather is …
  68. Was the state Supreme Court correct in ending the John Doe investigation?
  69. Can Gov. Scott Walker effectively govern in Wisconsin while running for the presidential nomination?
  70. What’s your biggest memory of Brett Favre’s playing career?
  71. Will you watch the MLB all-star game?
  72. What state baseball team are you most likely to see in person this summer?
  73. What change would help improve state budget process?
  74. What’s your grade of the state budget that the Legislature passed?
  75. Are you paying attention to the 2016 presidential race?
  76. What do you think of Green Bay proposal for a free, one-time overnight parking pass for intoxicated bar patrons?
  77. Do you think the governor was behind the proposal to gut open records law?
  78. Are budget cuts to the university system a wise move?
  79. Did you watch fireworks this weekend?
  80. Will Scott Walker win the Republican nomination for president?
  81. Do you agree with the decision to strike down EPA rules on coal-fired power plants?
  82. Should overtime pay be granted to salaried workers making up to $50,400?
  83. Would you feel safe swimming at Bay Beach?
  84. Is the U.S. Supreme Court too political?
  85. Are you or were you in music programs in school?
  86. Do you agree with the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act?
  87. Should South Carolina remove the Confederate flag from its statehouse?
  88. How far are you traveling for your summer vacation?
  89. Should honeybee hives be allowed in Appleton?
  90. Who should be on the $10 bill?
  91. How often do you see your dad?
  92. Do you like food trucks?
  93. Should Appleton buy the bluff properties for a library?
  94. Should taxpayers chip in $250 million for a Bucks arena?
  95. Would you ever give up your phone for a week?
  96. Are you going to the Flag Day Parade?
  97. Which playoffs are you watching?
  98. Should the Outagamie Sheriff's Department stay downtown?
  99. Do you support a proposed 20-week abortion ban for Wisconsin?
  100. Do you like to eat outdoors?